Contract Administration: Mechanisms, Glitches and Nightmares

Contract Administration: Mechanisms, Glitches and Nightmares

Contract Administration: Mechanisms, Glitches and Nightmares

2 Formal CPD Points

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An introduction to the mechanisms of Contract Administration (CA) under common lump sum building contracts for small to medium-sized projects. With particular emphasis on SW-2008, this session will also discuss the notable differences between the ABIC contract and AS2124/AS4000, including discussion regarding choice of contract. Interesting, problematic and hidden contract mechanisms will be highlighted, and there will be anecdotal examples of difficulties that have arisen, how they came about and how they were approached.


This presentation is equivalent to 2 hours/points of formal CPD and will deliver outcomes related to the following Competency/s from the National Standard of Competency for Architects:

Design: Project Briefing 
1.1  Preparation & endorsement of an agreement between client and Architect. This agreement will clearly communicate terms, services to be provided, and fees appropriate for the scale and type of project. 
1.5 Knowledge of different procurement processes available and evaluation of the impact these have on the project.
1.6 Selection and presentation to clients and relevant stakeholders of procurement method for the project.

Project Delivery:Procurement 
7.6 Knowledge and application of all administration and principles for the selected procurement method and associated contracts.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session participants should be able to:

  • Classify the framework of contract mechanisms embedded within SW-2008, AS2124 and AS4000, generally, and the Superintendent’s role in administering the contact
  • Recognise how the mechanisms vary between the three contracts being discussed and how these differences affect the practical application of the contract mechanisms during CA
  • Apply tasks and workflows throughout CA, in relation to Project Start-up, Time, Payment, Practical Completion and Defects
  • Identify difficult and challenging contract clauses and common CA misinterpretations and pitfalls



    Tanya Jones studied Architecture at UWA, graduating in 1993. Tanya’s 20+ years of architectural experience has included time in small, medium and large architectural practice, several years as a Project Manager and several years managing the Southwest office of Gresley Abas. Tanya’s main area of interest and expertise lies in the legal and contractual aspects of project delivery, including but not limited to Contract Administration. Tanya currently performs a senior contract admin role at Gresley Abas, providing executive oversight to most of the projects as they proceed to and whilst on site. Her main focus involves mentoring staff through CA, with a view to improving profitability and the quality of delivery during this phase of the project, whilst minimising staff stress and burnout.






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