Upscale 2021

Upscale 2021

Upscale 2021 

13 August - Reading of the Brief - 5.30pm AEST 
14 August - Design Day & presentations - 9am - 5.30pm (local time) 

Various locations around the country, locations will be confirmed soon. 


Upscale is a national design challenge open to all SONA members. The Upscale challenge will encourage students to think critically about design and innovation, through a hands on approach involving close consideration of materiality. Working in teams students will be challenged to respond to a set brief and present their idea to a panel of judges. 
Participants in each state come together for a one day design studio with mentoring from industry professionals. 

The brief

Each year the brief is totally different, all participants will receive the brief at the Reading of the brief session  check out the brief in 2020.


Prizes to be announced! 
Each state will award a top proposal 


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Terms and Conditions 

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