Robotics and architecture by Boston Dynamics (USA)

Robotics and architecture by Boston Dynamics (USA)

Robotics and architecture by Boston Dynamics

Thursday, 5 August 2021, 10:00am

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In this Lean In, Brian Ringley, Construction Technologist, at Global Robotics giant, Boston Dynamics shares some of his thoughts on robotics and architecture. A snapshot  of his perspectives is provided below.  

- Despite its impact on daily design and documentation tasks, BIM has failed to empower architects with significant control over the building delivery process. How can we more effectively apply automation and robotics technologies that exist today in a transformative manner for project delivery and revenue generation? 

- Architecture students are often introduced to concepts of industrial automation and autonomous robots through the mythos of the “master builder,” but there are invaluable opportunities for robotics that have little to do with directly automating building construction and installation. 

- How do architects reduce upstream data friction to drive down the cost of an effective data feedback loop with the field? They can start with a more robustly connected job site. 

- Agile mobile robotics are the missing piece in an autonomous field-data tech stack that overcomes current limitations of static sensors and aerial drones for interior capture in order to perform a precise, unsupervised repetition of tasks at scale.

- A truly accurate as-built document—a precise digital counterpart to what was built rather than a design intent model—offers a particularly compelling opportunity for firms to leverage their expert services later in the delivery process. 

- While the value of automated data capture on job sites is clear, the stakeholder who is ultimately responsible for funding and controlling capture operations is not. Architects, even if not directly responsible for such operations, could play an influential role in how capture operations are conducted, analyzed, and offered as services.




Brian Ringley is a construction technologist at Boston Dynamics where he promotes new value-add autonomous capabilities for construction project delivery and works to expand the construction application ecosystem with the Spot SDK. Prior to Boston Dynamics, he was a Senior Construction Automation Researcher at WeWork where he managed the construction robotics research program and contributed to initiatives in design automation, unitized prefabrication, and construction site progress monitoring. He has also taught architecture courses for many years, most recently at Pratt GAUD where he led seminars in computational fabrication and industrial robotic automation for industrialized construction. In this LeanIn Brian shares some of his thoughts on robotics and architecture. 

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