Lean-In: Transitioning to 3D CAD - Systems & Solutions

Lean-In: Transitioning to 3D CAD - Systems & Solutions

Member Lean-In: Transitioning to 3D CAD - Systems & Solutions
When: Thursday 27th October 2022 l 12:00pm AEST (QLD Time; please adjust to your own time zone)
Where: Online Event

QARC – Transitioning to 3D CAD - Systems & Solutions
In this Lean In session an Architect with 40 years experience shares his 30 year journey transitioning from the drawing board to full 3D Building information Modelling. After discussing the potential difficulties, we will look at the opportunities and the importance of BIM systems in the future. These include enticing, educating and training staff to future proof your practice. This session will be valuable whether you are a student, recent graduate or run a small or large practice. 

At the end of this session participants should:

  • Be able to determine where you currently are with respect to your transition to Building Information Modelling
  • Understand the pitfalls and stumbling blocks you are likely to experience along the way
  • Become educated on the options available to make the transition less arduous and more profitable


  • What makes a good and bad Revit Family
  • The importance of taxonomy – good file storage and retrieval
  • What makes good and bad Drawing Template
  • How leveraging BIM can increase income
  • How to reduce the time and cost of the learning curve
  • Why systems are of paramount importance
  • Why you need BIM to future proof your practice

NOTE: The primary target is Autodesk Revit but principles may be relevant for other platforms but the examples won’t be as relatable.


Mark Wilson
QARC Systems

Professional Experience

My name is Mark Wilson. I have had my own Architectural practice since 1985. I used the drawing board for over 15 years. Back then I had a massive 13-inch VDU screen and a massive 4MB of ram. This meant (even with a massive 4 MB ram) I often had 2 computers going while still drafting on the drawing board between commands while waiting for the processor to catch up. I purchased Autocad and a 3D add on from a builder who just did not have the time to make it into a production tool. Does that sound familiar? In those early days it was not unusual to spend 14 hours a day in front of the computer. Transition number one meant long days no breaks – except for my back. I have been a user of Autocad for over 20 years and I have been using 3D 3rd party add-ons for 20 years.

I “transitioned” to different 3D software two more times. Each software was compatible with the Autocad® OEM. At times I even Beta tested software and it slowly improved - with or without any help. The add-ons (to Autodesk) software all got harder and harder to use with Autocad® OEM as Autocad® developed their own Architectural desktop 3D program. One day the software (written by someone in Brisbane) was bought out by Americans and the whole thing became Americanised. “What’s a foot” I had to ask? Eventually frustration meant the search was on again. I wanted this to be the last time I had to learn new software. Along the way I recorded every problem and solution documenting the journey in the hope I could pave the way and make the destination easier for others to reach. This probably meant my transition took longer than it should have. But that was the price I was happy to pay for the benefit of the Architectural profession.

That is how QARC was born. Interestingly I am back standing at the drawing board with my computer screens and keyboard and space mouse.

Peter Latemore
QARC Systems

Professional Experience

Peter Latemore has over 40 years’ experience in the industry, starting with his Bachelor of Design Studies from the University of Queensland in 1978.  Peter has a wide range of experience and highly developed skills especially an advanced understanding of documentation.  Peter began in the Queensland government architecture office in 1976.  He has been self-employed since 1980, as designer, documenter, detailer, project manager, contract administrator, estimator, and more.  Peter is passionate about great design, superlative documentation, and sharing with others in the industry. He has been a leader in the use of CAD, and as a pioneer of BIM, using Revit.  Peter developed this further, with Mark Wilson, concentrating on helping practices produce good modelling and documentation with a world-leading template and content plug-in for Revit, called QARC4Revit.


Date: 27th October 2022
Time: 12:00pm AEST
Online Event: Zoom (link will be emailed to registrants upon email confirmation)
Please note that this session will have a maximum capacity of 300 attendees. We encourage you to the Lean In early to avoid disappointment.