SONA Office Crawl | COX Studios

SONA Office Crawl | COX Studios

SONA Office Crawl - Beyond Uni | COX Studio

DATE: 21 June 2024
TIME: 3PM - 5PM 

LOCATION: 70 George Street, The Rocks


The Beyond Uni Series SONA Office Crawl gives architecture students a unique opportunity into the inner-workings of different architecture practices. 

By immersing in real-world application of their studies, students can hopefully have a clearer vision of what they are working towards. Architects can pass on their valuable knowledge that students could have never learned in University, fostering, and nurturing a more confident and better-informed generation of architects. 

The overarching theme of this event revolves around architects' work and their inherent passions. It serves as a platform to illuminate the intricate ways in which architects channel their creative energies and how these passions transcend traditional boundaries. Furthermore, the event showcases the seamless synergy that architects foster with professionals from various disciplines, emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary architectural practice. 

This series provides a platform for engagement, mentorship and networking between students and practicing architecture.

Practice Overview

COX acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of Australia. Our practice is built around designers that collaborate with clients, stakeholders and communities. We are By the Many, For the Many. COX seeks to do more with less, tapping into resourceful Australian culture to build value through ingenuity. We strive for quality through our beliefs in equality and opportunity. We embed culture in our designs, taking time to listen and understand cultural context and social impacts. We continuously seek the brightest minds to innovate design, process, and typology. We welcome collaboration, from both traditional and disruptive sources, should it have the potential to contribute to better design. Our history in Australian architecture began with the transformative Tocal Agricultural College in New South Wales. Epitomising the renowned Sydney School, the project had a deep and sensitive understanding of context and place, blended with honest and expressive structure and craft. This has informed the work of COX since. This history has established key principles we continue to prioritise today. One being the planning of cities and design of buildings that are adaptable to change – cultural, social, technological, and economic. The other is the creation of sustainable spaces – environmental strategies that are embedded, rather than added, to our designs. Today we work across Australasia and the globe on projects of international significance. Our team brings experience and enthusiasm to every new project and client. Our projects demonstrate a dedication to research as well as an ability to work with clients to deliver successful design solutions on time and budget. What we bring to our work transcends design. Our innovative technology and structural design solutions place emphasis and value on the design of core elements. Our structures designed as destinations to bring people together to share experiences that are unique to their time and place


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Non-Member | $20 

Food and drinks will be provided at the end. 



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