SONA Office Crawl | Studio Johnston

SONA Office Crawl | Studio Johnston

SONA Office Crawl - Beyond Uni |Studio Johnson

DATE: 27 September 2024
TIME: 3PM - 5PM 

LOCATION: Level 1, 268A Devonshire Street, Surry Hills


The Beyond Uni Series SONA Office Crawl gives architecture students a unique opportunity into the inner-workings of different architecture practices. 

By immersing in real-world application of their studies, students can hopefully have a clearer vision of what they are working towards. Architects can pass on their valuable knowledge that students could have never learned in University, fostering, and nurturing a more confident and better-informed generation of architects. 

The overarching theme of this event revolves around architects' work and their inherent passions. It serves as a platform to illuminate the intricate ways in which architects channel their creative energies and how these passions transcend traditional boundaries. Furthermore, the event showcases the seamless synergy that architects foster with professionals from various disciplines, emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary architectural practice. 

This series provides a platform for engagement, mentorship and networking between students and practicing architecture.

Practice Overview

Studio Johnston is an award-winning practice renowned for designing inspiring places to live, work and play. From bespoke individual houses and apartments to luxurious short-stay hotels, cultural and public projects, their work embodies functionality with a human touch - spaces that nourish and breathe. 


Member | $10
Non-Member | $20 

Food and drinks will be provided at the end. 



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