Women Leading Change - An October Business Month Event

Women Leading Change - An October Business Month Event


Jane McMaster FIEAust CPEng EngExec 

Jane McMaster FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus) Chief Engineer, Engineers Australia Jane MacMaster has worked as an aerospace, mechanical and systems engineer in Australia and internationally, focusing primarily on supersonic flight vehicle design, operations research and rapid prototyping in the Defence sector. She has qualifications in Engineering (Mechanical) and postgraduate qualifications in International Relations. She has previously worked as a senior advisor within the strategy unit of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and as a management consultant in the financial services sector.

Most recently she was Founder and Director of Ponder Enterprises, where she used her engineering skillset to address complex societal challenges. She developed a conceptual model and practical techniques for complex problem solving which she taught across all faculties at universities and to staff from Commonwealth and State and Territory government departments. Prior to joining EA as Chief Engineer, Jane held several volunteer positions at Engineers Australia, including as a member on the Accreditation Board, Chair of the Canberra Division Mechanical Engineering Committee, and member of the Canberra Division Women in Engineering committee. She is currently a Board Member for the Australian Council of Professions.

Associate Professor, Payi Linda Ford, Principal Research Fellow at Northern Institute at CDU


Principal Research Fellow

Dr Payi Linda Ford is Aboriginal and identifies as Rak Mak Mak Marranunggu, from Kurrindju, on the Finniss River, in the Northern Territory and is currently a Principal Research Fellow at Northern Institute at CDU, with whom she has a long association. Her knowledge, expertise and research in working with Indigenous groups is clearly invaluable to the Northern Institute. Dr Ford graduated with her PhD (Education), 2006 from Deakin University.

Linda understands and is familiar with Indigenous epistemological practices and its application to her research projects. Her knowledge and experience has informed her research practises to include ways of being, knowing and ability to lead and contribute to local, national and international research projects. The Indigenist research methodologies are applied to her research projects ie. Australian Research Council Projects, FRDC Aquaculture project and Plant Biosecurity research project.  

Current projects include 2 ARC's PBCRC 4041, LEBA Grants (Ageing, Telehealth and Language revitalisation), NTG Oral History grant.

Payi has also been educated in mainstream Australian education institution. Payi’s mainstream education has involved a number of schools and universities in various Australian locations. This educational background has given Payi a substantial depth to her understanding of education across both Indigenous and non-Indigenous traditions. Payi has also reached the high point of Western education with a Ph.D. Before joining Northern Institute Payi worked as a senior lecturer with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit at the University of Queensland.

As a mother, an academic, a researcher, an educator and a practitioner of Indigenous traditions, Payi Linda Ford possesses a unique and rare experience that she is willing to share with people wishing to enhance their understanding of the Indigenous cross-cultural environment.

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