PALS Refresher: Authority Approvals and Planning Controls

PALS Refresher: Authority Approvals and Planning Controls

PALS Refresher: Authority Approvals and Planning Controls



This module is aimed to assist graduates and architects with two to eight years of experience and more to have a better understanding of authority approvals, planning controls and how these matters affect the practice of architecture. We will also briefly introduce other standards such as NCC and DDA that affect your work during the preparation of development applications.


This presentation is equivalent to 1 hour/point of formal CPD and will deliver outcomes related to the following Competency/s from the National Standard of Competency for Architects:

    2015 Competencies:

    Design: Schematic Design

    4.9 Obtain approval for the design from client and / or relevant stakeholders

    Documentation: Detailed Design

    5.8 Presentation of detailed design to facilitate relevant client and stakeholder approvals

    Project Delivery: Construction Stage

    8.8 Ensure that warranties, schedules, as built documentation, certificates, approvals and other project information are completed and handed to the client and relevant authorities as required under the contract

    2021 Competencies:

    Detailed Design and Construction Documentation:

    PC 40 Be able to resolve and present a coherent detailed design solution within necessary timeframes to obtain client and stakeholder approvals. 


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation you should be able to assist your client / the project team with:

  1. Preparing and successfully submitting development applications
  2. Securing project approvals post-submission
  3. Choosing the right review / dispute resolution mechanism
  4. Avoiding the risks associated with the development application / approval processes
  5. Understand the planning assessment / compliance system and the regulatory bodies in your state
  6. Efficiently interpret building / development certification, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and National Construction Code (NCC) requirements and other relevant matters such as certificates or permits required for construction, occupation, etc.


Rouzbeh Loghmani

Associate Director, City Planning Works

Rouzbeh is an urban planner and urban designer with experience in the design and delivery of urban development projects of a variety of scales. He is a Registered Planner with the Planning Institute of Australia and a visiting lecturer in the fields of urban design and planning at The University of Sydney, School of Architecture, Design and Planning.



Statutory approvals 

Certificates of title

Heritage buildings

DDA – Disability Discrimination Act

National Construction Code (NCC)

Requests for issuing certificates

Non-complying building products


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