Regi/fru/stration: Mock-Interviews (Virtual)

Regi/fru/stration: Mock-Interviews (Virtual)


17th MAY 2022
6.00 - 7.30 PM



In preparation for the APE interview, EmAGN QLD are once again organising Mock Interview sessions for candidates.  Set yourself up for success by practising your interview skills and get tips from registered architects; both experienced and recently registered.  Learn from their experience and strategies, gain insight on what to expect on the day, as well as test out your ability articulating responses to some curly questions.

This event is run virtually via Zoom and is suited for our members across the state and those who can't make our In-Person session. If you would like to attend our in-person session (note the different time and date!), you can find the registration link, below.


Queensland Emerging Architects Network (EmAGN)


The Regi/fru/stration series

Regi/fru/stration is a series of events delivered by the Queensland Emerging Architects and Graduates Network (EmAGN) and the Queensland Chapter to support those going through the registration process. This series of events is offered at the state level in parallel with the National PALS course and aligns with the timeframes o the Board of Architects registration process. Other Regi/frus/stration events that you might like to be aware of if you are attending this one is:

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Regi/fru/stration: Mock-Interviews (Virtual)
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