eComply – The future of automated planning?

eComply – The future of automated planning?

eComply – The future of automated planning?

Introduction to the future of automated planning and what it means for your industry.
eComply is a 3D automated planning and assessment tool. It is primarily designed to speed the assessment and delivery of homes meeting the Small lot housing code in Victoria. By leveraging BIM, eComply seeks to encourage broader industry adoption of technology by offering immediate productivity gains at the front end of the project cycle rather than at its handover. eComply was a government lead initiative from Digital Twin Victoria (DTV). It has been road tested by industry and developed by one of Australis leading generative design startups, Archistar.

The event will provide further detail of the origins of eComply, the issues it seeks to address and the possibilities it opens. It will provide participants with hands on experience and guidance on how to start participating in this exciting digital twin era.

To gain the most out of the event:  
Participants are advised to bring their laptops (not mandatory) and work through a provided SLHC design within the publicly available eComply platforms known as Archiland. This will provide a firsthand experience as to the benefits automated planning reviews could offer their practice.

 Although not mandatory, prior to the event participants are encouraged to:

  • Register to the Archiland platform (
  • Self-navigate through the platform and if game enough, follow the steps as outlined in the top right hand play button to follow the steps in how to submit your own house design.
  • On the day, those who bring their laptops and have registered  will be supplied a specific  IFC file of an example SLHC
  • Archistar Generative Design Lead, Anycie Barakat, will join us on line to guide you through the submission process with this sample file

After the event, an Archiland expert user will be made available to answer any questions that Designers may have if they have embarked on attempting to submit their own design file within the system or wish to ask any further technical query.


Robert Stopajnik is a Development Director for Development Victoria who is also providing property expertise advice for Digital Twin Victoria in the delivery of the  automated planning and building approval tool. He has a  property background that has traversed from the private to the public sector and includes exposure to commercial construction, property development and more recently in affordable housing & precinct development for the Victorian government. Robert is a keen advocate for the digital transformation of the property sector with contributions to a  Data61 paper on blockchain solutions for government services and  the development of eComply (automated planning tool).

Anycie Barakat (Head of Generative Design, Archistar) is a highly skilled Computational Designer with a demonstrated history of building knowledge, digital design skills and design intelligence. 
She excels at using Parametric Design to produce building designs that comply with specific planning controls. Her work contributes to building an engine that rapidly evaluates the development potential and feasibility of residential and commercial lots. Anycie teaches contemporary design software in the Architecture & Planning industry with a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) from University of Technology, Sydney. She has guest lectured, presented and tutored architectural and computational design at several universities worldwide and her work regarding predictive urban analytics and generating urban form has been published in multiple international journals.

Date: Wednesday 1 November 2023

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00PM AEST
Melbourne - RMIT, Swanston Academic Theatre, Level 2, Room 7, Building 80 (Swanston Academic Building), 445 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

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