PALS Refresher: What is a Contract?

PALS Refresher: What is a Contract?

PALS Refresher: What is a Contract? 



Contract law exists so that there is as much consistency and certainty as possible in everyone’s relations with one another. In the business sector, businesspeople must be able to hold each other to their promises. On the other hand, it is clear that in certain situations, statements made by a party should not be taken by another as a promise. Contract law aims to strike a balance between these considerations.


This presentation is equivalent to 1 hour/point of formal CPD and will deliver outcomes related to the following Competency/s from the National Standard of Competency for Architects:

    2015 Competencies:

    Practice Management

    9.7 Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements and obligations in regard to architectural practice,
    practice management and registration as an architect.

    2021 Competencies:

    Practice Management and Professional Conduct:

    PC 1 Comply with the regulatory requirements and obligations pertaining to practice as an architect, including legislation, professional codes of conduct, obligations for continuing professional development and professional indemnity insurance.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation you should be able to:

  1. Understand the elements required to establish an enforceable contract
  2. Understand express terms and implied terms that may be part of a contract
  3. Understand when and how termination, repudiation and damages may occur
  4. Understand when a contractual issue may need to be referred for legal advice


Ashleigh Vumbaca

Senior Associate, Bradbury Legal

Ashleigh has advised principals, contractors and subcontractors on their contractual and statutory rights across Australia. Ashleigh has developed significant experience providing contract administration and pre-dispute assistance to clients, as well as advising and representing clients strategically, procedurally and on the merits in all forms of dispute resolution. Ashleigh is currently completing her Master of Laws at the University of New South Wales. Her studies have focused on her interests in construction law and forms of alternative dispute resolution, particularly negotiation, dispute boards and international mediation.



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