Small Practice Masterclass

Small Practice Masterclass
Through case studies and expert presentations, this special program explores key touch points for building a successful practice. It examines fee structures, risk management, intellectual property, business resilience, client relationships, practice culture and work/life, brand development, and leveraging Institute membership for maximum benefit.

Small Practice Masterclass - Insights and tools to help your practice thrive



Through case studies and expert presentations, this special program explores key touch points for building a successful practice. It examines fee structures, risk management, intellectual property, business resilience, client relationships,
practice culture and work/life, brand development, and leveraging Institute membership for maximum benefit.



This presentation is equivalent to 3 hours/points of formal CPD and will deliver outcomes related to the following Competency/s from the National Standard of Competency for Architects:

2015 Competencies:

1.1 Preparation and endorsement of an agreement between client and architect. This agreement will clearly communicate terms, services to be provided, and fees appropriate for the scale and type of project.
1.3 Assessment of project budget and timeframe against project requirements and objectives.

Practice Management:
9.3 Identification and application of practice systems and quality management systems to facilitate efficient and timely delivery of architectural services in accordance with project objectives.
9.5 Knowledge of the legal and ethical obligations relating to copyright and intellectual property requirements.
9.8 Clear and consistent communication with client and relevant stakeholders throughout project.

2021 Competencies:

Practice Management and Professional Conduct:
PC 4 Be able to apply principles of project and staff planning and resource costs to establish realistic and achievable timeframe. 
PC 5 Be able to apply essential elements of a client architect agreement across the range of procurement methods in relation to their appropriateness to the scale and type of the project, including alternatives for partial services and the engagement of secondary and sub-consultants.
PC 7 Apply and follow processes for clear and consistent communication with clients and relevant stakeholders throughout the project, including obtaining approvals from clients and stakeholders.
PC 15 Comply with legal and ethical obligations relating to legislated requirements in relation to copyright, moral rights, authorship of cultural knowledge and intellectual property requirements across architectural services. 

Project Initiation and Conceptual Design:
PC 20 Be able to assess project budget and timeframe against project requirements and objectives, relevant legislation, statutory planning requirements, building codes and standards. 

Learning Outcomes


At the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Describe the importance of firm foundations when establishing a practice.
  • Evaluate the need for a formal client architect agreement at the outset of projects.
  • Determine and prepare an entrepreneurial approach, with guidelines for setting up successful brand identity.
  • Establish and evaluate a favourable office culture that represents the values of your brand.
  • Explore communication and presentation platforms within the architectural profession.

Andrew Moffitt

Andrew Moffitt


Design and creativity has been the cornerstone of Andrew’s life. It informs the way he sees the world and inspires the way he shapes the world. Understanding how creativity – matched with strategy and commerce – can enrich (and perhaps save) the world has become the focus of his career and a driving force behind what he does every day and how he collaborates with brands of all shapes and sizes.


Claire McCaughan

Claire McCaughan


Claire’s expertise includes project delivery from concept design to completion for single dwelling residences, public art commissions and architectural installation. 
Claire's directorship across two organisations aims to balance the not-for-profit remit of Archrival and the for-profit requirement of Custom Mad.



Simon Rochowski

Simon Rochowski


Simon is a co-founder of studioplusthree, established in 2014. He is regularly involved in writing fee proposals for residential projects, and putting together EOIs and RFQs for cultural institutions and commercial organisations, with clients including the British Museum, the Powerhouse Museum and the University of Sydney.


Paul Viney

Paul Viney

ACA President VIC/TAS

On behalf of ACA, Paul has pioneered the development of the following architecture tools: Time Cost Calculator, Salary Calculator and soon to be released Resource sharing tool. He has presented to a number of industry bodies in Australia and overseas on a wide range of topics including: Project Delivery Process, Setting Up a Practice (PALS), The Expectations of the Client and the Architect, ‘Who is the ACA?’, The Social Conscious of Architects, ‘People Planet and Profit, How does your Practice measure against the Triple Bottom Line?’


Natalie Sullivan

Natalie Sullivan

Planned Cover

Prior to joining Planned Cover, Natalie worked as a solicitor in a law firm in Sydney, primarily in the area of professional indemnity defence litigation and in-house with an insurer managing claims.


Kim Nicholson

Kim Nicholson


Kim has assisted clients in a diverse range of commercial IP matters throughout the Asia Pacific region, across a broad spectrum of industry sectors such as software, consumer electronics, information technology, construction & engineering, fashion & luxury goods, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and government.


Duncan Sanby

Duncan Sanby

Utz Sanby Architects

Duncan’s focus over the last twenty-five years has been in producing one-off custom designed and impeccably built homes around Sydney and in regional NSW. Duncan is passionate about producing great design at an affordable price and goes to great lengths to ensure his clients budgets are met, without compromise.


Michael Linke

Michael Linke

Australian Institute of Architects

Highly experienced in leading membership organisations, Michael has spent the last 6 years in Australia working on the growth and engagement of significant membership engagement and growth campaigns, ensuring members are at the heart of every decision.  Michael also spent fifteen years working overseas in London and New York in senior leadership roles at Deloitte, JPMorgan and the Washington Post. 


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