Designing for 7 Star and Beyond Single Dwellings

Designing for 7 Star and Beyond Single Dwellings
In this session we showcase single dwelling projects from across Australia and representing architecture in a range of climate zones that have achieved high NatHERS ratings.

Designing for 7 Star and Beyond : Single Dwellings

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2 Formal CPD Points

This course forms one part of a two-session Design for 7 Star and Beyond Series. Each session in this series comprises a two-hour live presentation equivalent to 2 formal CPD points, and can be purchased individually.

We are also currently offering the complete Series as a single bundle. This bundle includes access to both sessions amounting to four hours of expert presentation content, equivalent to 4 formal CPD points.

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Designing for 7 Star and Beyond Series

Designing for 7 Star and Beyond: Single Dwellings

Designing for 7 Star and Beyond: Multi Residential Projects




In this session we showcase single dwelling projects from across Australia and representing architecture in a range of climate zones that have achieved high NatHERS ratings.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Explain the NCC 2022 changes relating to NatHERS ratings of Class 1 and Class 2 buildings 
  • Evaluate margins of performance improvement achieved by modifying design and material choices  
  • List positive impacts of improved thermal comfort on physical and mental health 
  • Manage glazing orientation, size, type and shading in various climate zones   
  • Apply 7 Star+ design thinking in retrofit, renovation and new build contexts  
  • Identify the opportunities and benefits of working with energy and thermal performance assessors  
  • Understand ROI calculations relating to energy efficiency

NSCA 2015 Performance Criteria

This course will deliver outcomes related to the following Competencies from the 2015 National Standard of Competency for Architects:

Identification, analysis and integration of information relevant to siting of project.
Application of principles controlling planning, development and design for the project site.

 Design response incorporates assessment of the physical location and relevant wider regional, contextual and environmental issues.
Assessment and integration of construction systems and materials consistent with project brief.

Evaluation of design options against values of physical, environmental and cultural contexts.
Investigation and integration of appropriate structural, construction, service and transport systems in the project design.
Coordination and integration of appropriate environmental systems, including for thermal comfort, lighting and acoustics.

 Integration of relevant technical services, environmental and transportation systems.

 Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements and obligations in regard to architectural practice, practice management and registration as an architect.


NSCA 2021 Performance Criteria

This course will deliver outcomes related to the following Competencies from the 2021 National Standard of Competency for Architects:

PC 10 
Demonstrate understanding of the whole life carbon implications of procurement methods, materials, components and construction systems. 
PC 12
 Provide independent, culturally responsive and objective advice in accordance with relevant building codes, standards, technical specifications and guidelines, and planning regulations, including climate change implications, across all aspects of architectural practice.

PC 26 
Be able to undertake site, cultural and contextual analysis as part of preliminary design research. 
PC 28 
Be able to draw on knowledge from building sciences and technology, environmental sciences and behavioural and social sciences as part of preliminary design research and when developing the conceptual design to optimise the performance of the project.
PC 31 
Be able to identify, analyse and integrate information relevant to environmental sustainability – such as energy and water consumption, resources depletion, waste, embodied carbon and carbon emissions – over the lifecycle of a project.
PC 33 
Be able to investigate, coordinate and integrate sustainable environmental systems – including water, thermal, lighting and acoustics – in response to consultants’ advice.
PC 35 
Be able to assess operational and embodied carbon implications of materials, components, construction systems and supply chains (including transport) to achieve net zero whole life carbon when developing design concepts. This includes integrating relevant consultant expertise and advising on the impact of chosen materials, components and systems on carbon outcomes. 

PC 39 
Be able to integrate the material selection, structural and construction systems established in the conceptual design into the detailed design and documentation.
PC 45 
Be able to nominate and integrate quality and performance standards with regard to selected materials, finishes, fittings, components and systems, considering the impact on Country and the environment, and the whole life carbon impact of the project. This includes integrating life cycle assessments and other expertise and advice from consultants.

PC 58 
Complete documentation – including specifications, drawings, schedules, reports, certification and approvals – and other project information for issue to the client and relevant authorities, as required under the construction contract and relevant building and planning codes

Master of Ceremonies



Stefan is an architect with international experience and a sustainability expert. He was appointed as the Associate Victorian Government Architect in 2016. He helps lead an expert team to provide strategic advice to the government about architecture, landscape and urban design. Stefan advocates for sustainability in design.
He holds Masters degrees in architecture and environmental design. Stefan is an Australian Institute of Company Directors Graduate and Green Star Professional.




Michael joined CSIRO in 1992 and is a senior experimental scientist in CSIRO’s Energy Business Unit.  He leads projects for industry and the Australian government, involving residential building energy efficiency.

Michael leads the analysis of house energy rating data obtained from the Universal Certificates (UC) that are created as part of the NatHERS energy efficiency compliance requirements for new houses contained within the National Construction Code.   Over 1 million UC’s are in the database and this is allowing unprecedented insight into how new house designs are achieving their energy efficiency requirements.  As part of this work Michael has created a series of interactive data visualisation dashboards (Home - Australian Housing Data ( that allow users to explore the data geospatially to discover area specific trends and practices.

Michael is also undertaking monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in high rise apartment buildings to better understand how these buildings use energy and identify energy efficiency upgrade options and is establishing a database of zero emission homes from around Australia that will showcase the various approaches designers have used to create these low energy homes.

Michael is the author of numerous book chapters, papers and reports on building energy efficiency and urban sustainability.





Jenny is the owner of Light House Architecture and Science, a multi-award-winning practice that integrates science with design to deliver efficient, climate resilient homes in the ACT. She is not an architect. Jenny has a MSc and an ACT Building Energy Efficiency Assessor license. She has been doing theoretical testing using NatHERS software, and physical building testing, since 2009. In 2019, Jenny was awarded the Clem Cummings Medal by the ACT branch of the AIA in recognition of her contributions to the built environment. In 2018 her personal home won the national HIA GreenSmart Sustainable Home of the Year award..




Sarah Lebner is the Director of Cooee Architecture, a new regional practice focusing on energy-efficient and low-carbon homes. Cooee practices throughout the Victorian High Country, NSW Snowy Mountains, ACT and surrounds.
Sarah is also the author of 101 Things I Didn't Learn in Architecture School, the founder of, and the recipient of the AIA's 2020 National Emerging Architect Prize.




Director of Delisle Hunt Wood Architects who strive to deliver sustainable, connected and considered architecture. Graham has been an architect for over 35 years and a NatHERS assessor for over 20 years.  A member of ABSA since its foundation, he assists them with technical support.

Graham represents the AIA on the following committees:
ABCB Residential Energy Efficiency Working Group
NatHERS Technical Advisory Committee
NatHERS Stakeholders Consultative committee
Your Home Consultative Committee

Graham is a long time member of Renew – and is currently Board Secretary.




Peter registered as an architect in 2001, after completing university in Brisbane at QUT in the 1990s. Involved with projects ranging from new homes and renovations to apartment blocks to commercial developments, Peter’s focus on sustainable building practices hasn’t changed since he wrote his Thesis on Sustainable Technologies in Architecture in 1997.

Since starting his own private practice in 2002, sustainability has grown to include lifecycle carbon audits of projects and new technologies in addition to traditional passive solar design.  Peter has always looked to move his clients towards sustainability.  He sees this more as a direction to take together - rather than a destination to arrive at.




Ian founded Energy Rating Consulting in 2001, and since then the company has completed multiple energy efficiency assessments for both residential and commercial properties.  Ian has a background within the construction industry and holds a current Queensland Builders License (Medium Rise) Cert IV in construction, Cert IV NatHers Assessments and Cert IV Home Energy Efficiency & Sustainability.  Ian was also a director of HERAQ (Home Energy Rating Assessors Qld) between 2003-2004 Board Member of ABSA 2007-2009, as well as being an accredited assessor since 2014. 

Energy Rating Consulting has four in house assessors specializing in residential assessments through Deem-To-Satisfy and NatHERS (Bers software) to achieve compliance, as well as specializing in commercial assessments through Deem-To-Satisfy or a JV3 performance solution to achieve compliance..


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